Nitro Explosives Tanzania Ltd

Safety, Security and Health

=> Our Company and its employees shall conduct business in a dedicated manner to achieve Safety, Security and healthy practices so as to obtain a zero injury Environment.  These translates to an absolute minimum Environmental impact.

=> High ethical Principals, standards, respect towards others and High Productivity with integrated creativity will be seen as natural habits.

=> Preventative Actions for accidents, mishandling of explosives, injuries, near misses, illness, theft and loss of lives are highly promoted internally and outside the company at all times.  The safety of our employers, customers and the public is our first priority.


=> Our company underlines and commits to the following Statutes;

=> The Occupational Health and Safety Act, 2003, Explosives Act 1963 and its Regulation of 1964.


=> We will strive towards very high standards of Safety, Security, Environmental and Health Policies at our office premises, Explosives Magazines and stores as per our daily activities.  These are by eliminate all sorts or means of mishandling explosives.  This also counts for all hazardous conditions in our regular business operations.

The above shall be achieved by:-

=> Abide to all relevant and applicable statutory provisions pertaining to the Tanzania Explosives and safety acts and to wherever our business expands.  No explosives will be sold without a legal / valid permit.

=> Ensure to obtain as much details as possible from prospective customer’s details prior to business either formal or informal.

=> In conjunction with security organs that NO relations or supply agreement is entered with suspicious individuals or companies.

=> Full participation and corporation with security organs at all times to ensure that the channeling and distribution of all materials reaching the correct destinations and are not used for all types of terror or environmental negative implications such as dynamite fishing.

=> Apply all necessary measures to prevent accidents and occupational hazards.

=> Provide and ensure the usage of PPE while at restricted areas where applicable.

=> To give our employees state of the art training and empower them with the authority to stop any activity they deem unsafe.

=> Maintain and ensure road worthiness of all Company vehicles.

=> Ensure all necessary actions is implemented to prevent fire and magazine break-in at all times while on duty.

=> Eliminate and prevent hours lost on illness by early diagnosis from enlightened colleagues.

=> Conduct periodic audits and risk analysis for hazardous operations, to determine security and safety achievements.

=> Ensure proper education about HIV / AIDS awareness to all our employees, Customers and their families at large and prevent all other endemic illnesses. 

=> This Policy shall be communicated and published to all our esteemed customers.  It shall be made available to all public as well.  The policy with its objectives shall be renewed and amended timely to suit the present.