Nitro Explosives Tanzania Ltd

Ethical Governance for Nitro Explosives Tanzania Ltd

=> Nitro Explosives adheres strictly to the laws and regulations of the Tanzanian Explosives Act of 1963, as well as to the laws and regulations of the other countries in which it operates

=> No Explosives are sold to individuals without Valid and Legal permits from the industry of Energy and Minerals

=> We do not sell in large quantities to anyone who does not legally have the right to store explosives or have the required capacity, in the form of legal magazines to store said quantities

=> Monthly Reports on Sales and Exports are sent to the Ministry of Energy and Minerals on a Monthly Basis

=> All our company’s Magazine’s and Vehicles strictly comply with the Tanzanian Explosives Act of 1963

=> All staff that’s working with or handle explosives are in the possession of valid blasting and explosives handling certificates. Regular training is conducted to ensure the strictest compliance with laws and regulations and safety standards that govern the sale, export, use of explosives