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Product Application - Ammonium Nitrate

AMMONIUM NITRATE prills are industrial grade and specifically designed to be used as a solid oxidizer ingredient for explosive compositions such as ANFO, WR ANFO, Heavy ANFO emulsion and watergels. They are small-sized, low-moisture content, non-setting, porous spheres (prills) which are a lower density than agricultural grade ammonium nitrate used for fertilizer.

Synonyms:   Nitric acid ammonium salt; Nitram; Nitropril; CPAN; Chemically Pure Ammonium Nitrate; Security Sensitive Ammonium Nitrate; SSAN.

Ammonium nitrate Recommended Use: General chemical; explosives manufacture.

Ammonium Nitrate is a most widely used component because it is an excellent oxid-zer. It generates 60% oxygen by weight therefore it is used as an oxygen supplier. Due to this property and its low price it is most commonly used in making explosives base. Ammonium Nitrate is also used in many non-ANFO explosives.

Ammonium Nitrate is highly soluble in water. 1n 100ml water its solubility a 0,20,40,20,80 and 100de is 118,150,297,410,576 and 1024g respectively.

Initiator in industrial explosives: Ammonium Nitrate is a weak emulsion explosive base. Its explosion temperature is 1130℃.

It forms the explosive base in ANFO- (Ammoinium Nitrate Fuel Oil)

Properties & Specifications of Explosive Grade AN Prills.

–        Non Caking consistency

–        Low moisture content

–        Free- flow sizing

–        Oil absorbency

–        Low particle density

–        Good friability &

–        Low clay content

–        For good blasting our prills size distribution is between 6-20 mesh

–        Prills are porous which enables it to readily absorb and hold correct amount of fuel oil (about 5.7%). Such high porosity of explsosive grade Ammonium Nitrate prills is needed because they can absorb the fuel oil when mixed and form uniform ANFO.

–        Oil is then distributed throughout the prill particle improving detonability of the ANFO mixture.

Application Recommendations

• Low density AMMONIUM NITRATE is used extensively in the mining industry and is intentionally made very porous to allow for the rapid uptake of liquid fuel oil. The prill is coated with a paraffin which makes the AMMONIUM NITRATE difficult to dissolve and use for other applications.