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Our strategy is to be the trusted partner of choice for our customers

Nitro Explosives was founded by Johan Viljoen South African businessman and entrepreneur and Tanzanian businessman Yussuf H. Mushi already running several companies in Tanzania and who believed in the success of this new enterprise.

The board of the company is also composed by several financial partners who allowed the building of the capital of Nitro Explosives Tanzania. Nitro Explosives Main Office is located in Arusha which hosts the bulk of the management and operational staff, including Financial Management, Operations and Logistics Management, HR, and New Business Development. Nitro Explosives boasts offices in:

=> Arusha – Head Office
=> Dar Es Salaam – Administrative Support Office
=> Mirerani – Magazine
=> Mbeya – Magazine (Main Depot/Distribution Depot)
=> Lindi – Magazine(In Progress) Emulsion Plant and Additional Admin Office.
=> Rwanda – (Magazine, Country and Admin Office)
=> Lugoba- Magazine and office. (In Progress)
=> Nzega- In Planning Fase.

Our Vision

=> Our vision is to become the biggest supplier of industrial and seismic explosives in East Africa.
=> Unique and creative solutions that meet the client’s expectations to the ethical principles of relationships and not transactions.
=> Creative approaches to the client’s special needs to find unique and tailored solutions.
=> Team work based on progressive communication.
=> Professional quality of services provided by a highly motivated team.
=> Strong technology background.
=> 24/7 availability.
=> To do honest business at all times to keep up with our good credibility

our mission

Our company Mission is to provide high standards of service and quality products to customers who require explosives products or services in the mining and construction industries in Central and East Africa. We hope to fulfil this mission through:
=> Building a strong management team and support staff. It is extremely important to acquire, cultivate and retain talented individuals.
=> By learning from industry leaders and past mistakes
Building strong relationships and partnerships with suppliers.
=> Acquiring and building strong business relationships with key individuals in countries targeted for expansion.
=> Acquiring building strong relationships with customers
=> Budgeting for and Building towards growing Storage and Manufacturing Capacity
=> Keeping tight control over stock Control, Logistics, and ensuring effective communication along the entire distribution channel


What we do best

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